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Board of Directors

Family Health Center of Worcester is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of community leaders, grassroots advocates, health care professionals, and 51% consumers/patients who have served from 1 to 30 years as leaders and passionate advocates for the health center.

Board of Directors

Our board members represent a diverse group of skills, knowledge and life experiences, and share a commitment to strengthen the long term effectiveness of Family Health Center.

Joseph Scardino, Esq., Chair
Robert Spellane, Vice Chair
Lynda E. Rowe, Treasurer
Jason Passell, Clerk
Doreen M. Samuels, Member At Large
Robert E. Jenal
Theresa Arthur
Ruth Rodriguez Fay
Nancy Jones
Joseph Kahoro
Caitlin S. Lubelczyk
Peter J. Martin, Esq.
Joseph C. O’Brien
Tracey Phillips-Williams
Margaret L. Sellers
Amelia “Lia” Spiliotes
Esther Faith Tendo
Anna Whitted

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