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Privacy Practices

In 1996 the Federal Government passed a law (HIPAA) to assure the privacy of your health information. 

Family Health Center of Worcester complies with HIPAA and protects your health information as explained in the attached notice.  Click here for a full copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Under the HIPAA law, you the patient have the right to:

  •   Review your health record.
  •   Ask for corrections to be made to your health record.
  •   Add a note of your own to your health record.
  •   Ask for a listing of who we gave your health record information to, other than those organizations or people
  •   listed in the notice even if they got it by accident.
  •   Have us contact you at a number or address that you provide us.
  •   Ask us not to contact you about new programs that we might offer. 

You have the right to file a complaint against the Health Center if you feel that we have used your health record
in a manner other than what is outlined in this notice and that we have violated your privacy without your consent.

As part of HIPAA, the Health Center must do the following:

  •   Protect your health record from anyone not authorized to see the record.
  •   Provide you with a copy of this notice and let you know if and when we make any changes to this notice.
  •   Do what this notice says we will do in regards to your health record.
  •   Train all of our staff about how to handle your health record and keep your information private. 

Family Health Center will not use or give out your health information without your written consent for anything other than what is outlined in the attached Notice of Privacy Practices.

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