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Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program

Welcome! Thank you for your interest! 

FHCW is pleased to provide you with an educational program from which to learn form and grow in. Family Health Center of Worcester’s dental department is equipped with 9 operatories. All operatories are equipped with digital x-rays. Our staff includes five staff dentists, additional precepting, community-based dentists, three hygienists, and experienced assistants. FHCW provides dental care for children at a school-based health center in Worcester, as well as the Judith Ruskin Oral Health Clinic at Webster Middle School in South Worcester County. Our Dental Department sees 6,500 patients per year, completes 1,500 visits per month and 18,000 visits per year!

Program Outline

A Monthly Periodontics Clinic

including training in:

  • Crown lengthening
  • Bone grafting
  • Gingivectomy
  • Case selection

A Monthly Endodontics Clinic

including training in:

  • Rotary and conventional endodontic treatment
  • Re-treatment
  • Diagnosis
  • Case selection

*Clinics provided monthly for difficult cases.
Additional training offered throughout the month.

Weekly Removable Prosthetics Clinic

Oral Surgery Rotations

including training in:

  • Simple and surgical extractions
  • lap surgery

Supplemental Lectures On:

  • Treatment of emergency patients
  • Trauma
  • Pediatrics
  • Treatment planning
  • Common oral lesions
  • And more


Applicant Qualifications:

  • Basic competence in restorative dentistry, anterior endodontics and removable prosthetics
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Ability to sequence a multi-phased treatment plan, employ CAMBRA, PSR and basic diagnostic tests during patient assessments is preferred
  • Eligibility for full licensure in Massachusetts is preferred

All residents are expected to honor Family Health Center of Worcester’s commitment to provide high quality urgent and comprehensive dental care to a culturally diverse population in a community health center.


Martha Sullivan
Dental Director
Family Health Center of Worcester
26 Queen St.
Worcester, MA 01610
Tel: 508-860-7910
Fax: 508-860-7774

Questions? Connect with our team by reaching out on our Contact Page.