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A Letter to Our Patient Community

To Our Valued Patients,

On October 12, 2022 – Family Health Center Leadership collaborated with the City of Worcester to conduct a public forum with one goal: To hear from our community.

Thank you to the groups and individuals who have taken the time to connect with us to share their voices, their viewpoints, and their concerns with Family Health Center of Worcester. We thank you for your honesty.

Many of the concerns we’ve heard as part of the forum, within the health center, and via our website have focused on the future of our services and the strength of our workforce. As Family Health Center works to build back from the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that some of the hard decisions made have a real-world impact on our you, our patients.

Staffing & hiring challenges can impact the patient experience. Like so many other organizations, the past few years have placed undue burden on community health workers. Obstacles like staff burnout, achieving financial stability, and labor market demands are very real factors for countless businesses in 2022 – and Family Health Center is no different.

But it is important that we demonstrate to you that we remain committed to providing high-quality, equitable care. It is also critical that we retain and recruit our best-in-class health care workers.

The City Council Open Forum was the first step in a set of collaborative actions already underway to revitalize Family Health Center of Worcester. We are working closely with the City of Worcester and leadership throughout the state of Massachusetts to:

  • Develop a Go-Forward plan focused on organizational sustainability
  • Bolster our force of incredible community health center staff and providers
  • Rework and rebuild our support staffing structures to better serve our patients

We are committed to a transparent and collaborative process as we move forward. We are part of the community and the community is part of Family Health Center of Worcester. Throughout this process you can expect additional public forums and increased communications from our leadership team. Our plan to strengthen Family Health Center can only benefit from your insights and ideas. It is in that spirit that we ask that you keep the feedback coming.

Have a question, concern, or idea? Share them using our contact form at: FHCW.org/About-Us

We thank you for your participation and your patience as we work together to shape the future of Family Health Center of Worcester.

Thank You,

Family Health Center of Worcester