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10 Tips for a Safe & Healthy Halloween

As Halloween approaches in picturesque New England, the excitement in the air is palpable. This beloved holiday offers kids the chance to dress up in costume, enjoy sweets, and embrace festive decorations on one special night each year.

Halloween is a night filled with the thrill of trick-or-treating and nighttime revelry, but amidst the fun, it’s important to consider how to stay healthy and safe during the

spooky season. Engaging in nighttime activities like trick-or-treating – although exciting – also comes with its own set of risks, like pedestrian safety and getting lost.

So, to ensure everyone has a happy, safe, and healthy Halloween, we at Family Health Center are sharing 10 key health and safety tips. Check out the list below:

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips

Ensuring your child’s safety during trick-or-treating is paramount, both in terms of their visibility and their ability to navigate the surroundings. With the unfortunate prevalence of car accidents on Halloween, it’s essential to make sure your child is visible in the dark, and that they can spot potential hazards.


  1. Opt for light-colored costumes that are easily seen in the dark.

  2. Equip your child with glowsticks, and flashlights, and add reflective tape or stickers to their costume or candy bag.

  3. Wear kid-safe makeup instead of masks, as masks can obstruct vision. If a mask is a must, ensure it has adequately sized eye and nose openings for clear sight.

  4. Cross streets exclusively at crossing signals, street corners, and marked crosswalks.

  5. Supervise children under 12 during trick-or-treating. If an older child is going unaccompanied, plan and review their route in advance, and agree on a curfew or phone call check-in

  6. If you’ll be on the road on Halloween night, you can also contribute to safety:

    • Turn on your headlights early in the day to enhance the visibility of pedestrians, especially children.

    • Exercise caution when entering and exiting driveways and alleys.

    • Avoid distractions like music and phone use while driving.

    • Always yield to pedestrians, assuming that children crossing may not see you.

    • Refrain from passing stopped vehicles, as children may exit from them.

  7. Choose non-flammable costumes and wigs.

  8. When carving pumpkins, have children scoop out the insides or draw the face instead of handling sharp objects.

  9. Use battery-operated lights in pumpkins, reducing fire risks.

  10. Clear obstacles and potential fall hazards from your lawn if expecting trick-or-treaters.


The Family Health Center of Worcester Team hopes everyone in our community has a safe and happy Halloween!





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